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Let me be blunt with you…

To succeed in today’s fierce market (no matter what industry you’re in), you need to build a brand.

Take a look at some of the biggest brands in the world:


Don’t they all ring a bell?

When you think of a company like Apple, what do you think of?

Here’s what I can think of:

– Simple yet sophisticated

– High-tech/innovative

– Great designs

And what about McDonald’s?

– The golden arches

– Consistent taste and service no matter which McDonald’s you go to

The bottom line is, these are companies that have stuck with consumers.

That’s exactly how you want to build your brand, even if you’re trying to build a small business or personal brand.

Why Is Branding So Important?

A brand is your identity. It’s what you stand for.

Without a clear sense of identity and a clear mission statement, why would people consider following you?

Did you know that 76% of US consumers interact with brands or products before arriving at its store?

It shows just how important building a good brand is.

What Are The Benefits of Building of Branding?

Here are a few big reasons why you need to build a brand:

✓ Increased exposure to your product/service/cause/company

✓ Memorability. A brand is a sign of good will. It’s your reputation that people will remember.

✓ It creates loyalty. It creates an emotional bond.

✓ It enables you to set a price premium. Loyal consumers will pay the premium since they believe in it so much.

It differentiates you from the market.

It creates greater company equity. You’ll attract investors and growth.
With that said, how can you get started building your brand?

Where do you even start?

The good news is, I’ve put together a course that you can follow so that you can start building an incredible brand.

Allow me to introduce you to…Brand Authority

You discover how to be everywhere, stand out from your competition and build an incredible brand!

This is THE essential course on branding. If you’re just starting out, this is the perfect companion.

Here’s exactly what you’ll get inside the Brand Authority course:

✓ What is a brand and what aspects make a brand?

✓ How to come up with a mission statement, create company values and putting it all together.

✓ How to choose a company or website name.

✓ What makes a good logo? We’ll take a look at some of the top brand names and show you exactly what makes them stand out.

✓ How to come up with a concept for your logo. From idea to creation.

✓ Creating your logo. Should you create it yourself or get it designed professionally?

✓ Protecting your trademark and how to go about doing it.

✓ Using your logo in your marketing and being everywhere. This part will show you how to expose your brand to the market.

✓ Creating a personal brand. Are you an individual who wants to build a reputation and become a leader in your field? Read this section.

✓ How to build trust in the marketplace.

✓ How to increase brand loyalty.

✓ How to market your brand. Once you have all the pieces together, it’s time to market your brand. You’ll find a few top ways to do it.

✓ How to manage your brand and reputation.

✓…and much, much more!

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