⇒ EASY READING: GET ORGANIZED - Whether people work, or study, or stay at home to care for the household, we all need to be productive. Productivity fills our days with meaning, helps us make use of our time well, and also means that important things get done. - We all need a sense of progress or advancement in our lives, and to achieve this, we sometimes need to boost our  productivity. - Never has productivity been more needed than in our time. Living in this Information Age, it sure has become a struggle to keep distractions at bay. - Our daily to-do tasks only keep increasing, whereas our productivity has always been subject to how we manage our time and energies. Any inability to do so will cause our productivity to suffer. - Depending on which aspect of your life lagging productivity relates to could mean reduced profitability, lack of advancement, or even job loss. It will almost certainly cause unneeded stress and impact happiness, even if not job-related. - We all need to find strategies that work for us to help us become more efficient in the things we do.
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