How To Use LinkedIn Effectively

This course has a combination of 2 video series.

LinkedIn Traffic Generation

Linkedin Marketing Excellence

What is Linked Marketing and Why Should You Care?

If you run any sort of blog, website or business online and you want to find opportunities to grow and to increase your turnover and profits, then you need to make sure you’re on LinkedIn and that you’re making the most of it.

Of course you probably know how important social media marketing is in general and chances are you’re already investing time, money and effort into managing your presence on Facebook and Twitter. Or at least you certainly should be if you aren’t already…

But LinkedIn? That’s a much smaller social network and most likely you’re thinking that it belongs much lower down on your list of priorities.

You might even be asking yourself why LinkedIn marketing specifically deserves an entire book dedicated to it…

So what’s going on then? Well, the point that many people miss is that LinkedIn is not about sheer numbers. Rather, LinkedIn is about who it gives you access to and how you can use that to expand your business.

LinkedIn actually offers huge opportunities and advantages that other
social networks just can’t match due to the way it allows you to interact with highly influential individuals within your industry or niche.

LinkedIn is different from other social networks for one big reason: it’s designed for businesses and it actively encourages self-promotion. This is entirely different from Facebook for instance which encourages you to only add people you actually know to your list of contacts. On
Facebook, the pages for businesses is an afterthought at best and any serious attempt to promote yourself might be seen as spam and result in punitive measures.

LinkedIn on the other hand is a tool for self-promotion. It gives you access to a gigantic network of contacts operating within your field and it gives you the means to reach them, to work with them and to be seen by them. They say that business is all about ‘who you know’ and LinkedIn is all about making sure that you ‘know’ the right people.

Or as LinkedIn put it in their own mission statement, the business is all about:

Connecting the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful.

And it goes much further than that. Did you know for instance that LinkedIn has its own publishing platform that is perfectly designed for content marketing?

Some Facts About LinkedIn

✓ 1 out of every 3 professionals is on LinkedIn

✓ LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network and gives you access to the largest group of influential and successful individuals anywhere

✓ As of 2015, LinkedIn has 364 million members

✓ LinkedIn continues to grow rapidly – the same time last year the site had 296 million members

✓ LinkedIn has members in over 200 different countries

✓ LinkedIn is one of the oldest social networks having been formed in December 2002

While LinkedIn might not be as big as say Facebook then, it is certainly rather large and when you consider the caliber of those who are on the site, it becomes clear that you and your business need to be here.

What’s more, you need an effective strategy to make the most of LinkedIn so that you aren’t just spinning your wheels and wasting your time. And that’s where this book comes in… Keep reading and we’ll look at how you can build an amazing LinkedIn profile, how you can leverage the many amazing tools that the site provide you with to promote yourself and your business and how you can network with other users to make the kinds of powerful connections that can propel you to the top of your game.

LinkedIn Objectives

Before we look any deeper into how you can create your LinkedIn pages and profiles strategically, or how you can market yourself though, it’s first important that we look at what your end game is.

What is the objective on LinkedIn and what can you hope to gain from putting in the time and effort here?

The main benefits of LinkedIn can be broken down as follows:
✓ Networking
> To find job opportunities
> To find business partners and opportunities to promote yourself
> To find clients and customers
> To find potential employees
> To create new opportunities

✓ Marketing
> To increase awareness
> To build brand loyalty
> To create a more professional impression for your brand and your
> To promote a website and gain SEO/social media marketing benefits
> To find potential clients and customers
> To build leads and keep in contact with them

✓ Staying up-to-date with industry news and opportunities

✓ To find potential services and suppliers

✓ To keep track of your own employees and your own achievements and businesses

✓ Organizing your contacts

Throughout this course, we will assume that your goals include all of these key points and as such we will address strategies that will help with all of them.

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