Surefire Negotiation Tactics: Simple Powerful Negotiation Strategies To Apply In Any Business

“Shockingly Simple But Powerful Negotiation Strategies Save The Ordinary Joe Thousands Of Dollars Of Foreseen Expenses!”

Discover How You Too Can Save More, Keep Under Your Budget, And Make More Money With These Simple Negotiation Tactics You Can Apply In Any Business!

Isn’t it a total rip-off? Every time you make a purchase or struck a deal, you’ll come to find out later that your competitor got a better deal elsewhere?

Regardless of whichever business you are in, this is the general principle any smart entrepreneur will follow: entrepreneurs NEVER pay retail.

If you are working alone, just starting out or depending on a tight budget to see your budding business live through this start-up phase, this is going to be the most important letter you’ll read.

Because in a few minutes, I will show you how I was able to negotiate smartly, using the right choice of words, and saved myself thousands of dollars in expenses, got better deals than the rest of the people in the same business, and how I enjoy a higher profit margin!

On the other hand, if you don’t know how to ‘open your mouth’ you will pay a price higher than anyone else!

“Introducing Surefire Negotiation Tactics…” How to Make or Save a Fortune Using Street-Smart Negotiation Tactics!

Surefire Negotiation Tactics is a 3-part video series distilled into 1 digital course. Surefire Negotiation Tactics reveal little-known methods you can apply starting today so you can save more on expenses, get more deals, and make more money in the grand scheme of things. A penny saved is a penny earned!

Here’s What You Will Learn:

Module 01: The Win-Win Concept

One quick rule in negotiating is to also think about the other party. No one likes to get undercut or get the short end of the deal, so don’t be the first to do that to others. While you want to get a better deal whether its save more or make more, make sure the other party also sees it as a win-win deal. This skill is important no matter what business you are in, and this is what this entire module is about: how to go into the win-win equilibrium!

Module 02: Knowing Your Goals & Objectives

I walk with you on the process of setting goals and secondary objectives before and when in a negotiation. Be clear about what you want from the deal before walking into one. If you are not clear or don’t know what to expect, chances are you will get controlled by the other party in the deal!

Module 03: Top Tactics for Negotiation

Want to save more money and keep expenses under your budget? Want to get more value for money? Want to make even more money? This is the main meat: discover over 8 top tactics for ultimate negotiation!

“Why You Should Get Surefire Negotiation Tactics Today…”

First, here’s what it will cost you if you DON’T get Surefire Negotiation Tactics now:

You will wind up with a lot of bad deals or deals that would have cost you far less (only if you know how to negotiate your way!)

You will wind up paying RETAIL (uh-oh, that’s a ‘dirty word’ for street-smart entrepreneurs!)

Even if you are good at making money, your profit margin will be a lot less than its true potential!

Thus if I can help you save thousands of dollars, how much is that extra sum of money worth to you?

This is what Surefire Negotiation Tactics is all about.

That’s right. That’s as low as it can get (by the way, since we’re on the topic of negotiation, I just want to let you know in advance that this price is not negotiable!) 😉

But I want you to look at it this way…

Many of the successful street-smart business people often start with next-to-nothing. How do you think they manage to build themselves a successful business empire without opening their mouth, or navigating their way through choppy waters, filled with sharks and shoddy dealers?

This is the reality of doing business in any environment.

Remember, a penny spent is also a penny lost. Smart entrepreneurs never pay retail! If you want to learn how to strike deals and buy stuff for your business at wholesale, this is it.

Finally, you get to learn the art of the deal, as used by street-smart entrepreneurs from around the world!