Winning Ways

The First Thing You Must Understand Is That Your “Success” Can Only Be Defined By You.

If your intention is to go through this guide to look successful in someone else’s eyes, then your time would be better spent doing something else.

The entire goal of the next 365 days is for you to arrive at the end with more knowledge and understanding of yourself. In addition to that, you’ll learn techniques and personal characteristics that all successful people exhibit along their way to “the top”.

If you are ready to take control of your destiny, then dive right into the Winning Ways Success System.

System: This system will enable you to explore who you are and what you really want at a fundamental level.  It will provide tools and knowledge to assist you in achieving your unique definition of “success.”

You will get access to the whole course, but is up to you to complete the sections on a month to month basis.

Included in the System:

Table of Contents


Month 1 – Vision – Goals

Month 2 – Motivation

Month 3 – Accountability

Month 4 – Persistence

Month 5 – Facing Fear

Month 6 – “Acting As If”

Month 7 – Asking for Things

Month 8 – Time Management

Month 9 – Public Speaking

Month 10 – Keeping Score

Month 11 – Finances

Month 12 – Giving Back


The Winning Ways Guide – You’re reading this now. This guide will give you an overview of each month’s success principle for 12 months.

The Winning Ways Workbook – This workbook contains exercises for you to complete each month. By the end of the year, the exercises will have led you to a better understanding of yourself, the meaning of success for you, and techniques to help you achieve it.

Time Commitment: Here the emphasis is on both “time” and “commitment.” Many of these exercises are open ended for a purpose. You can run through them, or you can make a real commitment to learn as much as you can and spend the time it takes to do that. The amount of success you experience will depend on what you decide. I’d say, spend approximately 60 to 120 minutes a week working on the exercises, but it’s an individual decision. You can break this time up during the week or complete each exercise in one sitting.

If you are really keen you can blast through the system at any pace you want – just make sure not to gloss over any steps.  They might not seem important to you – but each step was carefully selected to compliment the system as a whole.

Work Breakdown: Each month is set up with four exercises, one per week. When you do them is at your discretion, but it might be helpful to dedicate a time each week so that you won’t forget to do them and you will spend adequate time on them each week.

Usage: We include basic templates in our workbook. You can copy these templates into any format you choose. For instance, if you have an app on your desktop that you use for activity management, you can simply take the information from this program and paste it in.

It would be a good idea to create a specific folder to save all of your work labeled SUCCESS, and break it down further into sub-folders by month. This will allow you to easily keep track of your work.

These videos will walk you through your exercises briefly, but the workbook will have full exercise descriptions, examples as well as space for you to write.

Ready? Set? Let’s go!